Tree Removal Is Easier than You Think

Precision Cutting Services is a full service tree removal company, able to accommodate a variety of job sizes, specifications, and needs. If you’re unsure about tree removal let us walk you through the steps we take in working with you to provide the service you need.

Estimate and Assessment

Every job begins with a free estimate of the work that we will do. This estimate usually takes place within 1-2 weeks after calling our office. The estimate is free of charge and features our basic services unless otherwise noted. If you want added services such as stump grinding we are more than happy to include that in our estimate. If you’re not sure what trees on your property may be in need of trimming or removal, Precision Cutting Services can come and assess your property to determine any unhealthy trees or trees that may present hazards during extreme weather and storms.

Tree Removal

This is the meat and potatoes of what we do and what you need done. Removing trees is something that is best left to professionals that can ensure a safe environment and a job that is completed to your specifications. Tree removal is our business and we pride ourselves on the quality and comprehensiveness of our work.

We provide tree trimming if that is what you need in order to remove a branch that is hanging over a roof or to improve the aesthetics of your landscape, as well as full tree removal, branches, limbs, and trunks. We can handle any size tree and anything in a hard to reach area. While it may be tempting to cut a tree down on your own, it can be a dangerous venture, both for personal and property safety. This is even more true for those trees in challenging locations, such as abutting a structure, an area that is inaccessible to vehicles, or in a crowded area. Trees located in these hard to reach and challenging areas require a greater amount of planning and skill to take down and remove properly and safely. Precision Cutting Services is equipped for these scenarios with accomplished tree removal experts.

In some instances the process that we recommend and normally undertake, estimate with assessment and then decide how to proceed, simply isn’t feasible or doable. In these emergency circumstances it’s important to be able to reach someone that can help you at all times. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing emergency tree removal due to a tree falling on your home or any other reason, Precision Cutting Services is equipped to be available at a moment’s notice. Should we be unable to respond to your needs right away we will work with you to get a removal crew to your site as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Part of the process of removing a tree from your property is removing the trunk and leaving only six inches of the stump remaining above ground. The stump itself must be dealt with somehow, whether through stump removal or grinding. While Precision Cutting Services is equipped to remove a stump, the stump removal can be a difficult, sometimes impossible, process. Removal involves cutting the trunk away from the root system, digging it out of the ground, and removing it with a crane. This is a time consuming and costly way to go about ridding yourself of a tree stump and for older or extremely large trees this may not even be an option at all.

A cheaper and sometimes easier option may be stump grinding. Stump grinding has several advantages over stump removal, notably it is quicker and easier and therefore more cost effective to do. On top of pricing and ease there is no digging involved in grinding a stump, avoiding any chance of accidentally coming in contact with buried wires or ruining a portion of the lawn. Instead we use a special truck attachment to grind the stump down to mulch and wood chips and then cover it with soil and fertilizer, making the stump disappear completely.

What happens to the tree?

Once we have cut the tree down and removed it many of our clients want to know what will become of all the wood. Precision Cutting Services encourages all of our customers to keep the wood for themselves or give it to their contacts. Precision Cutting Services is willing and able to cut the wood down into 18” pieces to be used for firewood for the customer, their contacts, or ours should the customer not have need of any wood. Precision Cutting Services does reserve the right to decide what to chip and what to save as firewood upon the completion of tree removal services.


Our goal is to leave your property in the same condition that we found it. If you do not add in the clean up option to our work we will leave the brush for you to clean up. We remove all parts of the tree, including mulching much of the tree and leaving no large pieces behind. We will leave the mulch or firewood with you if you prefer but otherwise our goal is to leave no trace. When working on your property we always attempt to wait until the ground is dry and firm before driving our trucks onto your property. However, mother nature does not always cooperate and there is no way of ensuring that our heavy trucks will leave no marks on your property.

Tree removal doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and certainly not one that you have to undertake on your own. Call Precision Cutting Services today at (203) 466-2400 or contact us online and we will come out to your property to get you a free estimate. We will work with you and walk you through every step of the tree removal process, from the estimate all the way through clean-up.